Margaritas Sueño Meat Company is the result of years of labor, learning, and dedication. 

Our product is raised all natural on the fat of the Texas Hill Country, as free range as they come. 

Us owners of Margaritas Sueño are generationally rooted in the ranching traditions of Central West Texas, but as we got older, we asked ourselves a simple question:

"Why doesn't store-bought lamb taste very good?"

For years, people assumed that lamb tasted, smelled and cooked a certain way. As one of our customers referred to the lamb of his childhood, "Like a 4-H barn". 

Through responsible husbandry, experimental marriage of various breeds, and good old-fashioned attention and love, we've raised what we believe to be the finest tasting lamb and goat on the market today. The mild and lean nature of Dorper sheep, crossed with a hint of Barbado, gives our meat a sweet yet exotic flavor devoid of the lanolin heavy funk that many associate with the "lamb" of their past. Our goats are a Spanish and Boer cross, lean, beefy and tender. Every cut of meat you order from Margaritas Sueño comes from an animal that was raised with love and attention in Menard County, Texas. 

We love our product and we hope you do too. 


Houston Simmons, Owner/Operator

Ian Jacoby,

Marketing Director


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